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Soooo, since I’ll be in Bonn for the HobbitCon, I probably won’t be online a lot til Tuesday.
Goodbye for now and wish me luck!

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Hugh Dancy in Sleeping Dictionary 

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"hey steve, did you see the funny thing? steve? steve?"

He is

With Steve

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Who the hell is Bucky?


Interviewer: So have you learned anything about each other on this trip? 
Anthony: His favorite fruit is raspberries. 
Sebastian: It’s blueberries. (x)

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some pages from Steve Roger’s moleskin


some pages from Steve Roger’s moleskin

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hey guys just reminding you all of how pretty i am just in case you forgot or haven’t thought about it today

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Interviewer: Did you do a lot of your own stunts?

Anthony Mackie: I did a bunch of the stuff leading up to the stunts. I tried to do one stunt and I ran into a parked car, face-first.

Interviewer: The directors were telling me— I asked if there were any close calls and that was the one situation they brought up!

AM: [Laughs] No, but they tricked me. First of all, no one— if I tell you to fly, you’re not going to know how to fly ‘cause as humans, we don’t fly. So they tell me they’re going to raise me up ten feet and let me go. I swing in, land on my feet, and walk and talk…. so they pulled me up ten feet and said ‘how do you feel?’ and I said ‘I feel good!’ But I keep going up! They pull me up forty feet off the ground and I’m like ‘THIS DOESN’T FEEL RIGHT!’ [Laughs] And they let me go. And I’m coming down at like….mach 2, right? And I look at Chris [Evans]’s face and he goes… “You’re going to die.”


-Anthony Mackie, interview with Access Hollywood

Guys, watch this WHOLE THING. He’s fucking hilarious. 

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things literally everyone, regardless of gender, looks good in:

  • suits
  • lacy lingerie
  • eyeliner
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