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Seb laughs like a child but his body…

does it need saying?

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friendship is sharing sad otp headcanons and laughing as u watch ur friend cry


i’m genuinely nervous about what will happen in the last movie.

  • Kili might die for Tauriel instead of Thorin or his brother
  • Fili and Kili might die apart from each other
  • No focus on Bilbo’s journey 
  • /love triangle/
  • Legolas being reduced to “moody teen elf” instead of you know, a centuries-old, incredibly proficient, intelligent and helpful, empathetic prince.
  • Thorin being struck down and dying immediately instead of that long goodbye in the tent.
  • Their struggle and fight being undermined by the Gandalf/Sauron plot.
  • that fucking love triangle
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peter jackson, i trust you man, i really do, but the hobbit is about bilbo’s journey and the fact that he doesn’t return to the shire as the same hobbit. he’s seen death and suffering, but he’s also seen courage and hope and friendship and man the point isn’t the battle. 

the point is bilbo’s journey.

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i know it seems like a silly thing to be so upset about but i just feel like the title change undermines the whole story being told in the book? There and Back Again is the tale of bilbo baggins, a hobbit who found that even someone like him- proper, set in his ways, reluctant to move out of a comfort zone- could become a hero, could be capable of a great incredible courage that would prove wrong all the doubters. could be so much MORE than people had ever expected. defying expectations in the best possible way- that’s bilbo’a story. there and back again. a journey to slay a dragon and reclaim a homeland, yes, but also a journey to find himself, to find he was something more than he had ever expected. a journey where a king on his last breaths could acknowledge that the ways of kindness and peace and friendship and family are worth so much more than wealth, than jewels and gold. a story that applies to all of us, a story we should remember.

but to change the title to “the battle of the five armies”? it wipes away all of that, that moral, that fitting title to the story’s conclusion, that reminder that this is the incredible story of one hobbit who never knew he could do all the things he ended up doing. it cheapens everything, dismissing it as “ah yes!!! another fun sword fight in a fantasy setting!!” it makes the focus flashy fight scenes and eradicates the sense of closure. the battle of the five armies is a big part of this section of the story, but there are so many other things that happen that are just as if not more crucial, and suddenly they don’t matter.

the battle is not the most important part. fighting was never the heart of this story. but with this change, i feel like that heart has been shoved under the rug, ignored, and, well… that kind of hurts.

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GQ magazine April 2014

GQ magazine April 2014

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so, Dean/Giraffe, Jed/Ostrich, Stephen/Unicorn and Mark/Kangaroo… because the Toss the Dwarf panel turned into complete insanity pretty soon and I had to do this~ <3

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I like to be lean and flexible. I’m not interested in gaining size. (x)

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favourite moments at HobbitCon [12/a lot]
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